SAU Tech Employee Directory

young woman in light colored blouse

Monteria Young

Administrative Specialist III
Financial Aid Office- Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4511
woman with long dark hair wearing a rose shirt

Nikki Welch

Administrative Specialist III
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4547
black woman with long hair

Patricia Burks

Arkansas Career Coach -Camden Fairview School District
Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4722
black man smiling

Patrick Graham

Interim Director of Computer Services
Information Technology and Telecommunications Services- Chancellor's Department
Phone: 870-574-4701
White woman smiling

Paula Doss

Administrative Specialist III
Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4712
smiling female with curly hair

Paulina Curbelo-Johnson

Faculty-Graphic Design
Phone: 870-574-4592
man in black polo with facial hair

Philip Diehl

Softball Coach
Phone: 870-574-4542
rocket man in blue and yellow

Philip Madayag

Phone: (870) 574-1521
man in a plaid shirt

Phillip Allison

Phone: 870-574-4464
White woman with glasses

Phyllis Hutson

Faculty-Business Admin & Office Mgt.
Phone: 870-574-4466
woman with curly hair wearing glasses and a black sweater

Rachal Joe

Communications Designer
Communications & Development- Chancellor's Dept
Phone: 870-574-4482
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Rachel Gaston

Career Academy-Academics
Phone: 870-574-4421
man with bandanna and gray shirt

Ralph Cochran

Landscape Supervisor
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4556
man in black suit with facial hair smiling

Randy Harper

Associate Vice Chancellor for the AETA & Director Workforce Training
Phone: 870-574-4590
woman smiling

Rebecca Hughes

Faculty- Arts & Sciences
Phone: 870-574-4522