Paying for College

Paying for college is a step that can be made easier once you know all your options. The first step is to apply for federal financial aid or FAFSA. This is a free application and everyone should apply even if you are not sure you will qualify. The information from your FAFSA application is used for other scholarships and loans. SAU Tech’s Financial Aid Office is happy to provide you with assistance in completing the FAFSA and you can now apply as early as October 1.

Scholarships are another option and SAU Tech and the SAU Tech Foundation both offer scholarships. The key is to apply early before the deadline. You can find the applications under Financial Aid. Other options include loans and payment plans which are both available. SAU Tech also provides services through Arkansas Career Pathways for eligible students.

SAU Tech’s Business Office assists students with all aspects of their student accounts (tuition charges, fees, etc.) SAU Tech students can make payments on their accounts, turn in direct deposit information, receive financial aid refunds or pay for testing or other fees in the Business Office located in the Administration Building.

Cash, Check or Credit

For payment in full:

  • Pay at the Business Office window with cash, check or a credit/debit card.
  •  Mail your payment to:
    SAU Tech
    Attn: Business Office
    PO Box 3499
    Camden, AR 71711
  • Pay by phone with a credit/debit card. 870.574.4508 or 870.574.4461
  • Pay online with eCashier.

Payment Plan

Payment plans allow students to pay in installments.

  •  Payment plans may be made online through eCashier.
  •  The deadlines to enroll in a payment plan for Fall, Spring and Summer II are the same as the payment due dates.
  •  The deadline to enroll in a payment plan for Summer I is earlier than the payment due date. Contact the business office for the enrollment deadline.

Financial Assistance

Sources of financial assistance include:

  • Pell Grants
  • Student Loans
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Senior Citizen’s Waiver

Visit Financial Aid for more information about federal financial aid and scholarships.


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