Community Education


The SAU Tech Rockets are offering summer basketball camps for your students to participate in and improve their basketball skills. All camps will be held in the SAU Tech Gym.

June 25-27: Overnight & Commuter (Ages 7-17)
Overnight with meals: $250
Commuter with meals: $225
Commuter: $200
Commuter & Overnight drop-off time: 9:00 am 
Commuter pick-up time: 8:00 pm

Camp ends at 4:00 pm on the June 27.

All July camps are for ages 7-18 years of age. 

July 16: Guard Camp (Girls)*
July 17: Guard Camp (Boys)*
July 30: Forward Center Camp (Girls)*
July 31: Forward Center Camp (Boys)

*All July camps are $40 each and drop-off time is 9:00 am and pick-up time is at 1:00 pm.

Basketball Camp Registration

If you have any questions or need further information contact Coach Marty Levinson at 402-650-2853.


Kidz College Registration

Mini Cheer Camp- June 12 & 13
$35 per child
Deadline for registration: May 30

Learn to cheer and have some great fun! The cost of the camp covers snacks and a t-shirt!

cartoon of a rocket man

Junior Investigator Camp- July 10-12
$35 per child
Deadline for registration: June 22

Students will learn about law enforcement and the basics of crime scene investigation through hands-on activities. The cost of the camp covers supplies, instruction, t-shirt and snacks.

MASH Camp :Level I (Medical Applications of Science for Health) 
$40 per child
 June 5-7
Deadline for registration: May 18

Students will learn Family & Friends CPR and First Aid.

MASH Camp Level II (Medical Applications of Science for Health)
$40 per child
 July 10-12
Deadline for registration: June 22

Students will learn about infection control, diabetes education, PPE (personal protective equipment), and nutrition & exercise. 

Southern Arkansas University Tech’s Community Education Classes and Events allow participants to renew their skills or learn something new. Courses provide a wide range of educational and lifelong learning opportunities taught by experts from the community. Whether you want to learn how to create a floral arrangement or a web page, play guitar or build one, get in shape or help your dog shape up, Community Education courses offer convenient times and locations throughout the community.

If you’re interested in teaching a non-credit Community Education course in a subject that you are an expert in, or have a course in mind that you would like for us to consider offering, send us a proposal!