Facility Reservations

Southern Arkansas University Tech provides facilities and classrooms for rent by the public. Each facility has policies and procedures for using the property. See the policies on this page for more information about conditions and rental fees. SAU Tech's own events take priority over outside renters. Please see the calendar below for reserved and open dates.

Contact Karmen House to reserve a facility for your event. For Workforce Training click here.

Rocket Arena Availability (Student Center Gym)

  • Grand Hall I ( Aug. 1-Aug. 31, Dec. 10-31)
  • Grand Hall II ( Aug. 1-Aug. 31, Dec. 10-31)

Student Center Nook- Inquire for Availability

Student Day Gym- Inquire for Availability

    SAU Tech Classrooms- Inquire for Availability

    Workforce Classrooms- Inquire for Availability

    Auditorium TE-100 Inquire for Availability

    Auditorium TE 113- Inquire for Availability