Providing SAU Tech Students with the Supports and Services they Need to Succeed

Mission Control for Student Success


SAU Tech is now using a software platform to assist students with a variety of tasks and to help students be successful while earning their degrees. SAU Tech's Mission Control Center is an all-in-one platform to help current and newly admitted students connect with their advisors, instructors, and other services such as tutoring and financial aid.

SAU Tech’s Mission Control Center provides you with a central location to connect to the people and services that can help you finish what you start – all accessible from the side navigation menu of your Mission Control Center (MCC) Home page.

Students can use the Mission Control Center to:

    • Take action if you get a flag and/or referral
    • Speak with your instructor, use a campus resource, and/or meet with staff in the Student Success office to create an action plan
    • Celebrate if you get kudos—stay focused and keep up the good work
    • Schedule appointments with instructors and advisors for office hours and advising session

You may hear people sometimes refer to the Mission Control Center as Starfish. Starfish is the name of the product but for our campus, it is called Mission Control.

Instructors may use Mission Control Center to give you feedback on your academic performance throughout the semester. 

  • They can raise flags when they are concerned about your academic performance, give kudos to acknowledge
    when you’ve done great work, and issue referrals if they think you would benefit from an SAU Tech  resource
  • You will be notified via email if your instructor gives you any of these feedback items
  • Your advisors and academic supporters know about this feedback and are here to support you
  • Your flags, kudos, and referrals cannot be seen by other students
  • Mission Control Center feedback is cleared after every semester for a fresh start in the next semester

Below are more detailed instructions, along with instructional videos and a student manual that includes photos for each step explained below. 

      Video Resources for Students

      Your MCC Profile

      MCC Dashboard

      Request Help

      MCC Success Network