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SAU Tech Tuition & Fees Sheet

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2023-2024 Tuition & Fees

SAU Tech Refund Policy



Students are responsible for all tuition and fees at the time of registration. Students must officially drop by written notice or in person and pay the course change fee in order to reduce their balance owed. This policy does not apply to drops initiated by faculty.

Fall/Spring regular semester classes - Tuition charges and course-specific fees such as Internet fees and lab fees are refunded as follows. (Other fees are non-refundable after 100% period.)

  • Before Class Begins:100% all costs
  • Day 1 – Day 8 of Semester: 100% all costs
  • Day 9 – Day 14 of Semester: 90%
  • Day 15 – Day 21 of Semester: 50%
  • Day 22 – Day 28 of Semester: 25%
  • After Day 28: 0%

Summer semester classes - Tuition charges and course-specific fees such as Internet fees and lab fees are refunded as follows.  (Other fees are nonrefundable after 100% period.)

  • Before Class Begins: 100% all costs
  • Day 1 – Day 2 of Semester: 100% all costs
  • Day 3 – Day 8 of Semester: 90%
  • Day 9 – Day 15 of Semester: 50%
  • Day 16 – Day 22 of Semester: 25%
  • After Day 22: 0%

Tuition refunds for classes of short duration may vary depending on the length of the class.

Textbook Rental Program

SAU Tech has partnered with the SAU Tech Bookstore to offer an affordable option for textbooks.

*Most classes have course material included in the Bookstore’s rental program.

Renting textbooks can be more affordable than purchasing books.

Some course material is delivered electronically and can be half price for RENTAL vs. Purchase.

*One of the Tuition fees, paid with Pell, scholarships, loans, or personal funds, is for BOOK RENTALS.

*** Charges are added to the student account when the student enrolls in the class.

Book rental charge $27 per credit hour

Book refundable deposit $6 per credit hour

Total per credit hour charged $33 per credit hour

Example - A 3-hour class is charged $33 x 3 = $99 for the book on their Student Account. 

The deposit of $18 is refunded to the student when the books are received in the bookstore on time and in good condition. 

SAU Tech students pay for their textbook rentals from Pell, some scholarships, loans, or personal funds. Payment is made in the business office. Charges and payments are reflected on each student's account payment receipt.

*Specific programs such as Aviation Maintenance, Nursing, Cosmetology, NDT, Sonography, HVAC, and Welding are excluded from the Rental Program, requiring purchase of this course material.

These textbooks are available to PURCHASE in the bookstore with Pell, some scholarships, loans, or personal funds.

A copy of student schedule is helpful when visiting the bookstore to rent or purchase course material.  Student schedules can be viewed electronically in My College under the Campus Connect tab. Students must be logged in to My College to access Campus Connect. 

Textbook Rentals or Purchases are usually available for pick up at the bookstore two weeks before classes begin. 

We accept book orders via email, if textbooks are to be shipped to the student.

Simply email:

Please include: 

*Student name

*Student ID#

*Shipping address

*Telephone number

*Course numbers from the schedule (Like: MATH 1023 04, or HIST 1013 01)

We charge $15 for shipping the textbooks and require a form of payment before shipment happens.

If you need more information about our book rental program or merchandise available in the bookstore, contact us at 870-574-4510.

Opting out of the textbook rental program

Students may opt-out of the Rental program by filling out the opt-out form here. The opt-out option is for all books for the current semester and must be resubmitted each semester. The last day to opt-out of the program is the payment due date for the semester.

Please note: If you are unsure whether opting out is best for you, contact the bookstore. For courses requiring eBooks, renting has proven to be more affordable rather than purchasing.

Get your 1098T forms from the following link-