How much will it cost?

Book Rental Program

SAU Tech has partnered with the SAU Tech Bookstore to offer an affordable option for textbooks.  Most of our classes have books that are included in the “Textbook Rental Program.”  Specific programs such as Aviation, Nursing, and Cosmetology are excluded from the Rental Program.

Book rental costs are charged per credit hour for classes that require a book or access code.  Charges are added to the student account when the student enrolls in the class.

Book rental charge -$25 per credit hour

Book refundable deposit- $8 per credit hour

Total per credit hour -$33 per credit hour

Example - A 3 hour class is charged $33 x 3 = $99 for the book on their Student Account.  The deposit of $24 is refunded when the book is returned to the bookstore.

If a student wants to purchase their books, they may opt-out of the Rental program in MyCollege under the Campus Connect tab. Students must be logged-in to do access Campus Connect. Once there, click on the Registration tab.  The opt-out option is for all books for the current semester and must be resubmitted each semester.

You can learn more about our book rental program by contacting the SAU Tech Bookstore at 870-574-4510.