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Growing Community-Minded Scholars

The SAU Tech Scholars Program is designed to challenge and prepare students who are seeking to gain more from their college experience. The Tech Scholars Program provides an opportunity for students to participate in a program that promotes peer-to-peer learning outside of the traditional classroom and freedom of expression during teacher-to-student and student to teacher interactions. Leadership skills are developed through service projects on campus as well as in the local community. Every semester Tech Scholars host a program for developmentally disabled school-age children, help with community projects and programs, and volunteer to help with campus events and projects. 

SAU Tech's program focuses on growing community-minded scholars while serving at-risk students. This program gives students who come from low-income backgrounds and from families where they are the first to attend college a rewarding and supportive student experience. Serving the Delta area of South Arkansas, SAU Tech's Scholars program is preparing students to be future business and community leaders in the future. Below is a list of benefits Tech Scholars enjoy while attending SAU Tech.

Tech Scholars Program Benefits

  • Small class size
  • Engaged & motivated peers
  • Tutoring support
  • Mental and physical health resources
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring
  • Housing & food security
  • Tech Scholars lounge access
  • Social involvement with other Tech Scholars that creates a “family” experience on campus
  • Scholarships are available for a portion of campus housing provided by SAU Tech Foundation donors
  • Development of leadership skills and strong co-curricular experience through service to the community

Students apply to attend the program, go through in-person interviews, and are required to have a 20 composite ACT (or equivalent score on alternate college entrance exam) and a 3.25 GPA from high school.

SAU Tech's Scholars are worthy of your support. Help SAU Tech invest in the future of the Arkansas Delta community by investing in the students who will work and live in the region. We cannot do it without you. Each year we raise the funds in cash for each student and we need your help! 

SAU Tech's Scholars Program is completely dependent on donors like YOU! We are working on our goal to have 25 students start each fall in the program. One scholarship is $1,000 for the year. Your gift matters, whatever size gift you can give. 

Support a Tech Scholar

2021-2022 Tech Scholars

Tech Scholars Serving the Community

students at a high school
group of students collecting shoes to raise money
group of students with goody bags for teachers
scholars helping students
group of students dresses in disney costumes
group of four students volunteering