Personal Counseling Services

What is counseling?
Counseling is a process of exploring issues, learning new ways of coping, and increasing overall satisfaction with life. The counselor can assist you in clarifying goals and finding solutions to problems through careful listening, guided self-exploration, suggesting new perspectives for consideration, and providing new information.

Services Available

The counseling center offers individual counseling to students, faculty, and staff. All services are free and confidential. Examples of issues for college students include college adjustment, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family problems, and drug abuse. Counselors are also available for consultations to help individuals, organizations, and departments define issues and develop strategies to deal with concerns. Academic counseling is available to students experiencing academic problems in the classroom. Issues that can be addressed include prioritizing, study skills, exam preparations, time management, and test anxiety.

If you have an emergency and cannot reach the Counseling Office,
please call Campus Police at 870-574-4517 or 911. You can access more information regarding the Campus Police here.

Contact Us
Administration Building Room 130
Phone: 870-574-4530

Office Hours
Fall and Spring Semesters: Monday to Thursday-8:00-5:30 and Friday-8:00-12:00.
Summer Semesters: Monday to Thursday-7:00-5:30. Closed on Fridays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling is completely confidential, except in cases of life-threatening emergency (the threat or attempt of suicide, and the threat of seriously injuring another person, for example) or when we are legally required to report abuse of a minor. Except in these extraordinary circumstances, neither what you and your counselor discuss nor any of the required written records are shared with anyone- including roommates, parents, friends, faculty, and staff- without your written permission. All records of visits are separated from other university files and securely maintained within the Center.