SAU Tech Employee Directory

young woman with long hair in a burgandy tee

Lisa Beard

Allied Health Science Instructor
Career Academy
Phone: 870-234-2610
Woman smiling in a turquoise shirt

Lisa Carpenter

Instruction Specialist
Adult Education
Phone: 870-837-4005
woman smiling with a white shirt

Lisa Holland

Assistant Controller
Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4503
beautiful woman smiling

Lora Howard

Director/Instructor- Cosmetology
Phone: 870-574-4519
Black woman smiling

Lottie Johnson

Institutional Services Assistant
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4516
Man with blue shirt and glasses

Macon Patton

Skilled Tradesman
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4556
Woman in purple cardigan

Marcella Joe

LMS Coordinator
Center for Online Learning - Academics
Phone: 870-574-4453
African American man with glasses and dreadlocks

Marcus Copeland

Director of Student Success and Academic Engagement
Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4778
white male wearing a purple shirt

Mark Ferns

Warehouse Specialist
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4549
woman with gray hair in a black shirt

Markita Wilkins

Administrative Specialist III
Adult Education
Phone: 870-574-4001
white male

Martin Levinson

Head Basketball Coach
Phone: 870-574-4545
Smiling woman in black and white shirt

Marty Hopson

Accountant II
Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4461
blond woman in red shirt

Melissa Reynolds

Fiscal Support Analyst
Phone: (870) 574-1521
rocket man in blue and yellow

Miranda Mills

Didactic & Clinical Instructor
Allied Health-Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4720
Woman with long hair and black shirt

Moniqua Brown

Administrative Specialist II
Allied Health-Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4437