SAU Tech Employee Directory

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Shannon Green

Financial Aid Advisor/ VA Representative
Financial Aid Office- Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4469
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Shawnea Adair

Career Academy
Phone: 870-574-4752
Smiling woman wearing a burgundy shirt and black jacket

Shelley Young

Dean of Allied Health/Faculty
Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4475
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Shikhara Montgomery

Cosmetology Faculty
woman in green shirt and glasses

Stephanie Tutor

Sonography Program Director/Faculty
Phone: 870-574-4596
Woman with glasses and blue polo shirt

Tammy Allen

Institutional Services Assistant
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4556
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Temeke Butler

Academic Advisor
Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4492
woman with blond hair and glasses

Terry Millican

Faculty-Allied Health
Phone: 870-574-4719
woman wearing a white blouse

Tonya Rice

Employment & Training Coordinator/Career Coach
Adult Education
Phone: 870-574-4006
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Traci Rushing

Instructional Designer
Center for Online Learning
Phone: 870-574-4586
Smiling woman in leopard print blouse

Vontisha Murphy

Academic Advisor
Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4585
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Wendy McWilliams

Welding Academy Assistant
Welding Academy of South Arkansas
Phone: 870-574-4730
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William "Kenneth" Robertson

Wastewater Program Coordinator & Instructor
Phone: 870-574-4532
woman wearing a plaid shirt

Zoila Sabillon

Institutional Services Assistant
Physical Plant, Staff
Phone: 870-574-4556