SAU Tech Employee Directory

woman with short black hair and wearing a black jacket

Eloise Thomas

Administrative Specialist II - Columbia County
Adult Education
Phone: 870-234-6040
man in a plaid shirt

Emeka Nnoli

Phone: 870-574-4451
Woman in black blouse

Faith Brock

Student Resource Coordinator
Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4745
Woman with gray hair in floral blouse

Frances Bowen

Library Specialist/Manager of Library Services
Student Services
Phone: 870-574-4497
woman with blond hair wearing a red and white shirt

Frances Fridell

Faculty -Medical Office
Phone: 870-574-4531
rocket man in blue and yellow

Gary Meadows

Phone: 501-605-7017
woman wearing a white jacket with black hair

Gaye Manning

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration
Finance and Administration
Phone: 870-574-4509
Man in red shirt

Grant Warner

Arkansas Fire Training Academy
Phone: 870-574-5116
young woman wearing a blue shirt

Halle Posey

Administrative Specialist IIl
Phone: 870-574-4564
rocket man in blue and yellow

Hugh Bowen

Engineering Technology
Phone: 870-718-9351
Woman with dark curly hair

Ivonne Ayala

Faculty- Arts & Sciences
Phone: 870-574-4467
young man in white polo shirt

Jacob Ellis

Computer Support Specialist
Information Technology & Telecommunications Services-Chancellor
Phone: 870-574-4710
Man with gray hair in black polo

James Goodwin

EMS Instructor
Arkansas Fire Training Academy
Phone: 870-574-5119
rocket man in blue and yellow

James Hagler

Engineering Technology
Phone: 870-761-2422
woman with long blond hair in floral shirt

Janet Covington

Administrative Specialist III
Arkansas Fire Training Academy
Phone: 870-574-4570