SAU Tech Employee Directory

woman with hair pulled back wearing a white shirt

Katrina Robinson

Assistant Director of Records
Registrar’s Office
Phone: 870-574-4485
woman with short grey hair wearing a black and white stripe shirt

Kay Hudman

Computer Engineering Instructor
Career Academy
Phone: 870-574-4583
woman with curly hair wearing glasses and a animal print shirt

Keisha Robinson

Accountant for Accounts Payable
Business Office
Phone: 870-574-4515
White man wearing a gray shirt

Kelly Reid

Arkansas Fire Training Academy
Phone: 870-574-4580
rocket man in blue and yellow

Kendall Synder

Phone: 870-818-9320
rocket man in blue and yellow

Kenneth Harvey

woman wearing black shirt with black hair

Kilatha Hargiss

Administrative Specialist
Arkansas Fire Training Academy
Phone: 870-574-4760
woman in green shirt with copper hair

Kimberly Coker

Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications & Development
Chancellor's Department
Phone: 870-574-4533
rocket man in blue and yellow

Kristia Vanhook

Institutional Services Assistant
Physical Plant-Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4556
young woman in a black shirt

Kronda Page

Administrative Specialist III-Production and Marketing
Phone: (870) 574-4589
a woman with blond hair and jacket

Krystal Gosvenor

Administrative Specialist III
Office of Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-574-4528
woman with black hair and wearing a black shirt

LaClaire Williams

Education Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 870-574-4476
black woman in a black shirt

LaTonya Reed

Career Pathways
Phone: 870-574-4704
brunette woman in a plaid shirt

Lauren Mitchell

Institutional Effectiveness & Research - Academics & Planning
Phone: 870-574-4455
woman with blond hair in a blue shirt

Leona Brown

Allied Health Science Instructor
Career Academy
Phone: 870-574-4490