4 people and two signing documents

Planning for the Future, SAU Tech Add Another University Transfer

SAU Tech and SAU Sign Agreement for Public Health Transfer

four people and two are sitting and signing documents

Pictured Above: Back Row- Dr. Valerie Wilson, SAU Tech Vice Chancellor for Academics and Planning, Dr. David Lanoue, SAU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Front Row- Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech Chancellor, Dr. Trey Berry, SAU System President.

This spring delivered another university transfer for SAU Tech students. This time the transfer is between colleges within the same system- SAU and SAU Tech. SAU Tech and SAU will now have a seamless transfer for SAU Tech students who want to continue their studies in public health to earn a bachelor's degree. This degree offers students a more extensive range of options in fields that relate to allied health but are not for nurses specifically. The public health option opens the doors for students to work in healthcare public relations, crisis management, epidemiology and healthcare resource management, and many other occupations and career fields.

SAU System President, Dr. Trey Berry, said that "The healthcare industry is such a growing area within our national economy and we feel that degrees such as this one in public health give students more opportunities to pursue a career in that industry. With this new transfer agreement, it is very exciting that a student can now complete their associate degree at SAU Tech and then move forward to complete their bachelor's degree at SAU." Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech Chancellor, has been at the forefront of creating new transfer opportunities for SAU Tech students since he came to the college three years ago. Dr. Jason Morrison said of the agreement, "Strengthening the transfer partnership between SAU and SAU Tech is a number one priority. A stronger SAU Tech leads to a more robust SAU System.

The SAU System and SAU Tech serve thousands of students each year, and both colleges are always seeking avenues to improve transferability between the institutions. For more information on the public health program at SAU Tech, go to www.sautech.edu/nursing.

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