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The AETA is proud to present the 2022 Wastewater Training Schedule. We are delivering training in-person, by Internet, and by Zoom! Students attending by Zoom will receive real-time, Instructor lead training. All you need is an internet connection and a computer with a video camera and microphone.

We have set up a Wastewater Zoom Classroom on our campus. So, every wastewater class that originates from Camden will also be available by Zoom. There will be no cost for municipal wastewater classes offered by Zoom. The fees for Industrial classes offered by Zoom will be the normal fee.
We hope to start offering classes at some of our facilities as we progress through the year. We hope to see you in class in 2022!

Kenneth Robertson, Wastewater Program Coordinator


Wastewater training provided by the Arkansas Environmental Training Academy is accredited by:

  • The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment; DEQ, Office of Water Quality
  • Arkansas Wastewater Licensing Committee

The AETA offers Wastewater training on-campus, at locations statewide, by Zoom, and by Internet delivery. To schedule a class at your facility, contact Kenneth Robertson at wroberts@sautech.edu or call (870) 574-4532.


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
12/06/202212/07/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterCamdenHarper$150


Register & Pay
09/06/202209/07/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterMaumelleHarper$150


Register & Pay
08/16/202208/18/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterCamdenHarper$250


Register & Pay
11/15/202211/17/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterRogersWinn$250


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08/09/202208/10/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterRogersWinn$150


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05/31/202206/02/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterBlythevilleCarter$250


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
08/25/202208/25/2022Chlorine SafetyLowellStaffNo FeeRegister
09/12/202209/15/2022Class II WastewaterSpringdaleStewartNo FeeRegister
09/19/202209/23/2022Class II WastewaterCamdenHarperNo FeeRegister
10/04/202210/06/2022Class I WastewaterFayettevilleRossNo FeeRegister
10/11/202210/13/2022Class I WastewaterMaumelleGwatneyNo FeeRegister
10/18/202210/21/2022Class II WastewaterBlythevilleLoveNo FeeRegister
10/25/202210/27/2022Class I WastewaterCamdenHarperNo FeeRegister
10/31/202211/04/2022Class III WastewaterSpringdaleStewartNo FeeRegister
11/07/202211/10/2022Class IV WastewaterCamdenHarperNo FeeRegister
11/10/202211/10/2022Advanced Wastewater MathCamdenRoweNo FeeRegister
08/23/202208/23/2022Basic Pump Operations & MaintenanceLowellSmithNo FeeRegister
08/24/202208/24/2022Advanced Pump Operations & MaintenanceLowellSmithNo FeeRegister
08/22/202208/26/2022Class III WastewaterMaumelleEasleyNo FeeRegister
08/18/202208/18/2022Advanced Wastewater MathFayettevilleRossNo FeeRegister
06/07/202206/07/2022Water/Wastewater Operator SafetyCamdenSmithNo FeeRegister
06/08/202206/08/2022Trenching SafetyCamdenSmithNo FeeRegister
08/15/202208/18/2022Class IV WastewaterFayettevilleRossNo FeeRegister
08/15/202208/18/2022Class II WastewaterJacksonvilleLindseyNo FeeRegister
06/14/202206/15/2022Wastewater MicrobiologyMaumelleEasleyNo FeeRegister
06/27/202206/30/2022Class II WastewaterMaumelleGwatneyNo FeeRegister
07/18/202207/21/2022Class II WastewaterParagouldEllingtonNo FeeRegister
07/26/202207/28/2022Class I WastewaterCamdenHarperNo FeeRegister
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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Start DateEnd DateCourse NameLocationInstructorFees
12/06/202212/07/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterZoomHarper$150RegisterRegister & Pay
08/16/202208/18/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterZoomHarper$250RegisterRegister & Pay
11/10/202211/10/2022Adavnced Wastewater MathZoomRoweNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
11/07/202211/10/2022Class IV WastewaterZoomHarperNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
10/25/202210/27/2022Class I WastewaterZoomHarperNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
09/19/202209/23/2022Class II WastewaterZoomHarperNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
07/26/202207/28/2022Class I WastewaterZoomHarperNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
06/07/202206/07/2022Water/Wastewater Operator SafetyZoomSmithNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
06/08/202206/08/2022Trenching SafetyZoomSmithNo FeeRegisterRegister & Pay
Start DateEnd DateCourse NameLocationInstructorFees


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
10/3/202210/30/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$280Register
10/3/202210/30/2022Class IV WastewaterInternetHarper$180Register
10/3/202210/30/2022Class III WastewaterInternetHarper$175Register
11/7/202211/27/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$280Register
11/7/202211/27/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$165Register
11/7/202211/27/2022Class II WastewaterInternetHarper$150Register
11/7/202211/27/2022Class I WastewaterInternetHarper$125Register
6/6/20226/26/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$280Register
6/6/20226/26/2022Class IV WastewaterInternetHarper$180Register
6/6/20226/26/2022Class III WastewaterInternetHarper$175Register
7/11/20227/31/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$165Register
7/11/20227/31/2022Class II WastewaterInternetHarper$150Register
7/11/20227/31/2022Class I WastewaterInternetHarper$125Register
8/7/20228/28/2022Advanced Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$280Register
8/7/20228/28/2022Class IV WastewaterInternetHarper$180Register
8/7/20228/28/2022Class III WastewaterInternetHarper$175Register
9/5/20229/5/2022Basic Industrial WastewaterInternetHarper$165Register
9/5/20229/5/2022Class II WastewaterInternetHarper$150Register
9/5/20229/25/2022Class I WastewaterInternetHarper$125Register
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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If you plan to take a Licensure Exam following a Wastewater class you must contact DEQ.

  • To ensure testing eligibility, applications and fees must be received by DEQ prior to the exam.
  • The Arkansas Environmental Training Academy does Not collect DEQ exam fees.
  • The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment; DEQ Water Division

Wastewater Licensing Contact: Sandy Luttrell Phone: (501) 682-0998   E-Mail:  luttrell@adeq.state.ar.us