Hello, my name is Alan Spangler. I am the Solid Waste Program Coordinator/Instructor for the AETA. I am pleased to offer our 2022 Solid Waste Training Schedule. Inside this schedule, you will find many opportunities for operators, supervisors, and management personnel at solid waste facilities to gain access to the classes needed to obtain and/or maintain your solid waste license.

The AETA offers the Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and 6-hour Update classes on our campus in Camden, at locations statewide, by Zoom, and by Internet delivery. The Environmental Officer classes and updates will be offered in Fayetteville, Maumelle, and Jonesboro. Also, the AETA offers courses by contract that can be taught at your facility.

Students attending by Zoom will receive real-time, Instructor lead training. All you need is an internet connection and a computer with a video camera and microphone. Please contact the AETA and we will be happy to work with you to meet the training needs of your facility.

Alan Spangler, Solid Waste Program Coordinator/Instructor


Solid Waste training provided by the Arkansas Environmental Training Academy is accredited by:

  • The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment, DEQ, Office of Land Resources
  • Arkansas Solid Waste Licensing Committee

The Academy offers Solid Waste training on-campus, at locations statewide, Zoom, and by Internet delivery. To schedule a class at your facility, contact or call (870) 574-4550.


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
07/07/202207/07/2022Solid Waste UpdateCamdenSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
07/18/202207/21/2022Solid Waste MasterFayettevilleSpangler$250RegisterRegister & Pay
07/19/202207/21/2022Solid Waste ApprenticeMaumelleSawyer$175RegisterRegister & Pay
08/16/202208/18/2022Solid Waste ApprenticeFort SmithSpangler$175RegisterRegister & Pay
08/23/202208/25/2022Solid Waste ApprenticeBatesvilleSpangler$175RegisterRegister & Pay
08/30/202209/01/2022Environmental OfficerJonesboroSparks$400RegisterRegister & Pay
08/31/202208/31/2022Environmental Officer UpdateJonesboroSparks$125RegisterRegister & Pay
09/06/202209/08/2022Solid Waste ApprenticeJonesboroSparks$175RegisterRegister & Pay
09/07/202209/07/2022Solid Waste UpdateLuxoraChoals$125RegisterRegister & Pay
09/08/202209/08/2022Solid Waste UpdateLuxoraChoals$125RegisterRegister & Pay
09/20/202209/22/2022Solid Waste JourneymanMaumelleSpangler$200RegisterRegister & Pay
09/27/202209/29/2022Solid Waste JourneymanFort SmithSpangler$200RegisterRegister & Pay
10/05/202210/05/2022Solid Waste UpdateFort SmithSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
10/06/202210/06/2022Solid Waste UpdateFort SmithSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
10/18/202210/20/2022Solid Waste JourneymanJonesboroSparks$200RegisterRegister & Pay
10/24/202210/27/2022Solid Waste MasterMaumelleSpangler$250RegisterRegister & Pay
11/01/202211/03/2022Solid Waste JourneymanCamdenSpangler$200RegisterRegister & Pay
11/07/202211/10/2022Solid Waste MasterJonesboroSparks$250RegisterRegister & Pay
11/15/202211/17/2022Environmental OfficerFayettevilleSpangler$400RegisterRegister & Pay
11/16/202211/16/2022Environmental Officer UpdateFayettevilleSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
12/05/202212/05/2022Solid Waste UpdateBatesvilleSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
12/06/202212/06/2022Solid Waste UpdateBatesvilleSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
12/07/202212/07/2022Solid Waste UpdateJonesboroSparks$125RegisterRegister & Pay
12/08/202212/08/2022Solid Waste UpdateJonesboroSparks$125RegisterRegister & Pay
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
07/07/202207/07/2022Solid Waste UpdateZoomSpangler$125RegisterRegister & Pay
11/01/202211/03/2022Solid Waste JourneymanZoomSpangler$200RegisterRegister & Pay
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
06/06/202206/19/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
07/05/202207/24/2022Solid Waste JourneymanInternetSpangler$230Register
07/11/202207/24/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
08/01/202208/24/2022Solid Waste MasterInternetSpangler$280Register
08/08/202208/21/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
09/05/202209/25/2022Solid Waste ApprenticeInternetSpangler$205Register
09/12/202209/25/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
10/03/202210/23/2022Solid Waste JourneymanInternetSpangler$230Register
10/10/202210/23/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
11/01/202211/20/2022Solid Waste MasterInternetSpangler$280Register
11/07/202211/20/2022Solid Waste UpdateInternetSpangler$140Register
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


If you plan to take a Licensure Exam following a Solid Waste class you must contact DEQ.

  • To ensure testing eligibility, applications and fees must be received by DEQ prior to the exam.
  • The Arkansas Environmental Training Academy does Not collect DEQ exam fees.

Office of Land Resources Solid Waste Licensing Contact: Jennifer Parslow Phone: (501) 682-0860  E-Mail: