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 Dates Course Name Division Location Instructor Fees
April 10-13Solid Waste MasterSolid WasteBentonKnight$175 Register
April 10-21Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteInternetNutt$90 Register
April 11-13Basic Water TreatmentWaterBlythevilleLoveRegister
April 11-25Applied Water MathWaterInternetRowe$75 Register
April 12-13Basic Industrial WastewaterWastewaterMorriltonHarvey$100 Register
April 17-20Class IV Wastewater ReviewWastewaterLittle RockHarperNo FeeRegister
April 17-21Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowInternet/Fayetteville **Northern$90 Register
April 17-30Stabilization PondsWastewaterInternetHarvey$75 Register
April 18Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteFayettevilleWinn$100 Register
April 18-21OSHA 510 Standards for the Construction Industry <br /> (see page 23 for registration requirements)EHSMaumelleTEEX (Cole) $575 Register
April 19Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteHarrisonLord$100 Register
April 20Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteClarksvilleWitherspoon$100 Register
April 20Advanced Wastewater MathWastewaterLittle RockHarveyNo FeeRegister
April 24-28 Backflow Assembly Tester BackflowFayetteville Northern$395 Register
April 24-28Class III WastewaterWastewaterFort SmithCowanNo FeeRegister
April 25Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowFayetteville Northern$100 Register
April 3-21Solid Waste MasterSolid WasteInternetNutt$180 Register
April 3-23Class III WastewaterWastewaterInternetHarvey$150 Register
April 3-6Class II WastewaterWastewaterFayetteville RossNo FeeRegister
April 4Basic Water MathWaterLittle RockRoweRegister
April 4-6Backflow Assembly Repair (Large Series)BackflowCamden Northern$250 Register
April 4-6Solid Waste ApprenticeSolid WasteJonesboroSparks$150 Register
April 5Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowCamden Northern$75 Register
April 5Applied Water MathWaterLittle RockRoweRegister
April 5Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteMorriltonNutt$100 Register
April 6PWS Compliance WaterLittle RockADHRegister
April 6Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteMorriltonNutt$100 Register
August 14-18Backflow Assembly TesterBackflowFayetteville Northern$395 Register
August 14-18Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowInternet/Camden **Northern $90 Register
August 14-25Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteInternetNutt$90 Register
August 14-28Basic Industrial Wastewater WastewaterInternetHarvey$90 Register
August 15Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowFayetteville Northern$100 Register
August 15Basic Water MathWaterLittle RockRoweRegister
August 15- 29Applied Water MathWaterInternetRowe$75 Register
August 15-17Solid Waste ApprenticeSolid WasteMaumelleNutt$125 Register
August 16Applied Water MathWaterLittle RockRoweRegister
August 17PWS ComplianceWaterLittle RockADHRegister
August 21-25Backflow Assembly TesterBackflowCamden Northern$350 Register
August 21-25Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowInternet/Conway **Northern$90 Register
August 22Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowCamden Northern$75 Register
August 22Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteLuxoraNutt$100 Register
August 22-23Basic Industrial WastewaterWastewaterFayetteville Harvey$100 Register
August 22-23OSHA 10 hour General IndustryEHSCamdenCole $175 Register
August 22-24Advanced Water DistributionWaterLittle RockRoweRegister
August 22-24OSHA 502 Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers <br /> (see page 23 for registration requirements)EHSTexarkanaTEEX (Key) $475 Register
August 23Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteLuxoraNutt$100 Register
August 24Solid Waste UpdateSolid WasteW. MemphisNutt$100 Register
August 28-31Class II WastewaterWastewaterMaumelleHarveyNo FeeRegister
August 28-September 1Backflow Assembly TesterBackflowConwayNorthern$395 Register
August 29Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification BackflowConway Northern$100 Register
 Dates Course Name Division Location Instructor Fees