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Seth Hale: 2024 ACC Academic All-Star

Seth Hale: 2023 ACC Academic All-Star Pursuing Dreams in Aerospace Engineering

Caucasian male in front of blue backdrop

Seth Hale, a native of Danville, Arkansas, has emerged as a standout student-athlete, earning recognition as the 2023 ACC Academic All-Star. Hale is currently pursuing a major in Engineering Technology at SAU Tech, where he aspires to delve into the world of Aerospace Engineering upon transferring to a four-year institution.

Hale's journey toward a career in Aerospace Engineering began with a middle school career survey. While he had always been fascinated by outer space, he knew he did not want to pursue astronomy. Combining his talent for science and interest in designing things, Hale found the perfect synergy in Aerospace Engineering. His dream is to one day work for NASA, contributing to the design and development of spacecraft.

Currently, Hale is a valuable member of the SAU Tech Baseball team. However, his journey in collegiate sports took an unexpected turn. Initially attending ATU, he showcased his athletic prowess as a football player. Unfortunately, an injury prompted him to make a difficult decision, leading him to leave football behind. Determined to continue his athletic journey, Hale found a new home at SAU Tech, where he now contributes his skills to the baseball team.

Reflecting on his academic journey, Hale attributes much of his success to the influence of his family. Early on, his parents instilled in him the importance of earning good grades. Over time, Hale developed a passion for academic excellence, finding satisfaction in being a high-achieving student.

"It's a really great honor." Seth replied when asked what being selected as the ACC Academic All-Star means to him. "One person at every school gets chosen, and they chose me. It’s a big honor.”

Naturally adept at math and science, Hale has honed his skills at SAU Tech, excelling in his Engineering Technology studies. His commitment to both academics and athletics exemplifies a well-rounded approach to personal and professional development. As Hale continues to make strides toward his dream of contributing to space exploration, he serves as an inspiration to aspiring students and athletes alike.

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