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SAU Tech Adult Ed Receives Notice of Program Approval

SAU Tech's Adult Education Program is Approved

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The photo above was taken earlier this academic year during the Adult Education Week.

Southern Arkansas University Tech-Camden, Arkansas- SAU Tech's Adult Education division, received word from the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services that SAU Tech's request to continue as the Local Educating Authority for Adult Education for 2020-2024 was approved. Every three to four years, the state of Arkansas requests that all adult education centers submit a proposal to obtain approval for their programs. To qualify, the providers of adult education must satisfactorily address thirteen areas and demonstrate effectiveness in improving the literacy of eligible individuals in the communities the providers serve. The proposal preparation is a lengthy and comprehensive process that requires the review of all program outcomes since the last submitted proposal. The state has not yet announced the exact funding amount for adult education available for the upcoming year.

Barbara Hamilton, SAU Tech's Adult Education Director, said that "We offer so much more than just GED. Our adult education program's main goal is to equip learners with college and career readiness skills that are needed to enter college or the workforce. Our program offers a variety of services centered around the needs of the individual learners and abilities. Our program works to eliminate the barriers for our residents to help them move towards economic mobility. This impacts not only the individual but also their families and the community as a whole."

SAU Tech has been providing adult education for over 20 years and continues to work to serve the residents of Columbia, Calhoun, Dallas, and Ouachita Counties. The program offers GED prep and testing, computer literacy, basic skill improvement, WAGE programs, preparation for the Career Readiness Certification test, English as a Second Language, correctional training (Alternative Sentencing Program), integrated education training (nursing assistant and ServSafe), and more. These services are open to all citizens and are provided online as well as in a classroom setting. The current award allows the program to access funding for 2020 through 2024. Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech Chancellor, stated that "Our adult education program provides an amazing bridge of opportunity for students who have experienced life barriers to be able to create a pathway for success in their lives." The SAU Tech Adult Education programs served 271 students in 2019.

More information about SAU Tech's adult education services can be found at https://www.sautech.edu/adult-education/.

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