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SAU Tech Set to Deliver Cyber Program Utilizing CyberBit’s Range

SAU Tech Set to Deliver a New Cybersecurity Program Using Cyberbit’s Range Lab

After extensive work and funds from a Ready for Life state grant, SAU Tech’s new Cybersecurity program will begin this fall. The program instructor, Divesh Acharya, worked with Cyberbit to create a virtual lab environment where students can learn the skills needed to earn a degree in cybersecurity. SAU Tech will be one of just a few colleges in Arkansas using the Cyberbit Range technology. The degree will be an intense immersion in the world of cybersecurity that will result in students ready to go to work or to transfer to a four-year college to continue improving their skill level.

Acharya, a graduate of Southern Arkansas University, said that ” The program is a new endeavor but one that is needed in every part of our world today. We are fortunate for the state’s support that we can offer Cyberbit as part of the learning experience for our students. It is bringing a whole new level to our program’s instruction. I am excited to see our students grow and learn in this new program.”

Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech Chancellor, agreed with Acharya that the program is on the cutting edge of one of the most important issues facing our nation. He stated that “Digital security affects everyone everywhere in our world today. Training the next generation of technicians will help all of us in the future.”

Cyberbit provides hands-on cybersecurity training to address the cybersecurity skills gap through its world-leading cyber range platform. Cyberbit Range delivers a hyper-realistic experience, immersing learners in a virtual SOC, where they use real-world security tools to respond to real-world cyberattacks, preparing students and corporate cybersecurity professionals for the inevitable attack. Learn more about Cyberbit here.

SAU Tech is a two-year college in East Camden, Arkansas that offers transfer degrees, career technical degrees, and workforce training. To learn more about the College and its programs go to www.sautech.edu.