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SAU Tech Sees Increase in Enrollment

SAU Tech’s fall enrollment looks good

Southern Arkansas University Tech’s official fall enrollment numbers have improved from previous years. The College’s numbers look different before the law enforcement, fire, and wildlife and fisheries students are removed from the count. These career-related programs for which SAU Tech offers college credit can paint a picture that shows the College’s enrollment as a bit inflated. The “core enrollment” is the heart of the matter for SAU Tech’s enrollment numbers as it is the group paying tuition and fees to earn degrees and certifications. The news is good with a growth of 13.4 percent in the amount of college credit hours since last fall and a growth of 5.9 percent in core enrollment headcount.

Despite this growth, Dr. Jason Morrison, SAU Tech’s Chancellor, says, “there is room for more growth in the enrollment of students over the age of 21 or “non-traditional” students. Nationally, when employment rates are higher, college enrollments level-off or drop as has been the case for the past few years. While no one wants the economy to falter, the person in our community without certifications or a degree can prepare for the future by enrolling now and obtaining a degree. The increase in SAU Tech’s enrollment is due to our dedicated staff and faculty working tirelessly to promote the College and support our students. ”

SAU Tech implemented a non-destructive testing program this fall and is officially approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing to start advertising a new RN transition program for summer 2020. The new NJCAA Softball team is off to a great start with fall scrimmage games and the basketball season is coming up for the men and women’s teams. October 8 at 6:00 pm the College will host Meet the Rockets to kick-off the fall basketball season in the College’s Student Center. Admission is a donation of Gatorade or laundry detergent, and the public is invited to attend.