SAU Tech Prepares for Fall Semester

SAU Tech Prepares for Fall Semester

Camden, AR-Since the middle of March when the COVID-19 restrictions started, SAU Tech has been adapting to the limitations and safety precautions recommended by the CDC and the State of Arkansas to keep both students and employees safe.

To address the impact of COVID-19 on daily operations, Dr. Jason Morrison assembled a Pandemic Task Force comprised of the College's executive officers, deans, and directors. Morrison commented about the group saying, "This group has been at the forefront of moving forward to where we are in Phase II of reopening the campus, and I could not be prouder of a group of individuals. They have provided leadership and have made it their personal goal to ensure that that our staff and students are safe during this unusual time for our campus. " The Pandemic Task Force is currently finalizing a document to be published on the College's website that addresses all aspects of operations as they relate to preventing the spread of COVID-19 while still providing quality educational services.

As the College moves forward to the fall semester, with the first wave of student-athletes returning to campus on June 28, SAU Tech is implementing a comprehensive pandemic response plan. Part of the plan includes a partnership with the CABUN Clinic in Hampton, Arkansas. The Clinic is assisting with student health assessments and COVID-19 testing for the duration of the pandemic. Representatives from the Clinic met with the Pandemic Task Force on Tuesday, June 16, to review the College's plans for the rest of the summer and into the fall.

The Southern Arkansas University System announced this week some changes to their fall schedule, most notably ending the semester at Thanksgiving break. SAU Tech will follow a similar academic schedule to reduce the risk of students going home for thanksgiving and returning to the campus with possible illnesses or exposures to the virus.

Students who were impacted by the precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and met the US Department of Education's eligibility requirements have received a spring CARES Act payment from SAU Tech. Those who are continuing in classes this summer and into the fall will receive two more payments from the College out of the CARES Act funding. The College has also received CARES Act funding to assist in the implementation of virtual delivery of courses for the fall and to recoup some of the costs associated with moving the majority of the College's classes online in March. The funding is restricted, and the College must account for all funds spent with reports back to the US Department of Education. More information about SAU Tech's CARES Act funding is available at www.sautech.edu/cares.

Morrison says he is confident that the College will continue the training necessary to provide skilled graduates for the College's workforce partners and to provide transfer students with a holistic college experience while following the CDC's guidelines for a safe campus. The National Junior College Athletic Association is expected to announce its guidelines for resuming athletics on June 19. SAU Tech will share that information with the public once it becomes available.

For updates related to COVID-19 preparation and procedures at SAU Tech, go to www.sautech.edu/cv. The College's updated academic calendar can be found at https://mycollege.sautech.edu/ics.

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