SAU Tech Grieves the Loss of Lady Rocket

SAU Tech Grieves the Loss of Lady Rocket


With great sadness and heartbreak, Southern Arkansas University Tech learned of the loss of one of its beloved Lady Rocket Basketball players today.

Jordan Shelton, number 12 on the 2021-2022 Lady Rockets Team, made friends on and off the court as she was a good friend, an outstanding student, and a solid member of the team. Her reliable playing talent helped the Lady Rockets to a regional title this year for the NJCAA Region 2 Division 2 Conference. Jordan was also recognized as a two-time All-Region Player by the NJCAA. 

Shelton, coached by Aramie Brooks, was majoring in criminal justice and was close to graduation. Dr. Jason Morrison noted that “Shelton was a natural-born leader. She was the kind of player that made the team stronger, just a part of her personality. She will be greatly missed by all of us who have come to know and love her as part of the Rocket Family. We are praying for her family now and in the coming weeks.”

Dr. Morrison stated that the College will present Jordan’s degree to her family at the College’s May graduation and the Lady Rocket’s team will permanently retire the number 12 in her honor and she will be inducted into the Rocket Hall of Fame.

Jordan was from Homer, Louisiana.