Environmental Management

The Associate of Professional Studies (A.P.S.) degree with an emphasis in Environmental Management is designed to prepare graduates for employment at the management-level position for wastewater, water or solid waste disposal at municipal facilities and/or environmental positions at industrial facilities. This degree emphasis is only offered online.



Shannon Jones- "I am currently working with my degree earned from SAU Tech. In 2003, I was working as a water system operator for the City of Santa Fe and looking to advance in my career. It was evident that I needed to get a degree. The Santa Fe Community College opened a program in Water Technology and I enrolled. Based on the classes offered at that time, it was going to take about 10 years to complete a degree. My math instructor recommended I research what SAU Tech was doing with its Environmental Science Program online. This was a great fit for me and I enrolled and was able to complete my Associate in Applied Science in 2005 while still working for the City of Santa Fe as a Water System Operator. Once complete, I was promoted to Transmission and Distribution Manager, and then went on to become the Maintenance Superintendent (and eventually the Facility Manager. I headed the start-up of a new advanced water treatment facility for the City of Santa Fe (Buckman Direct Diversion). After about four years, I was again promoted to the Wastewater Division Director for the City. In 2017, I was again promoted to the Public Utilities Department Director where I oversee the Water, Wastewater, and Environmental Services (solid waste, recycling, and sustainability) divisions. The department has about 277 employees and provides utility services to over 84,000 people. Annual revenue is about $65 million. I make about $56 per hour and I am looking to retire in about 3 years. I am a blessed individual and I feel like I worked hard to get where I am. I will say that without enrolling in SAU Tech and earning a degree, I would not be where I am today."