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Manning Appointed to Interim Role

Manning Named to Interim Role

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Southern Arkansas University Tech is pleased to announce the appointment of Gaye Manning as Interim Chancellor.

 SAU System President, Dr. Trey Berry, announced to staff and faculty that Gaye Manning, SAU Tech's Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, had agreed to assume the role of Interim Chancellor starting May 1, 2023. Manning will serve as Interim Chancellor until the end of 2023. The SAU System has hired an external search firm to attract applicants for the College's open chancellor position to have a new SAU Tech chancellor in place by January 2024.

Manning stated the following when asked about her thoughts and plans while she fulfills the role of interim chancellor.

"I am deeply grateful to Dr. Trey Berry and the SAU System Board of Trustees for this opportunity to lead the campus through the remainder of 2023. I am also very privileged to work alongside Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice Chancellor for Academics, and Dr. Edward Rice, Vice Chancellor for Student Services, as we discuss the College's strategic direction and address process improvements to the campus operations.

Various construction projects are underway, with a projected completion date of December. We are adding the finishing touches to the 2023-2024 Operating Budget, and the physical plant staff are working on routine summer maintenance projects from now through August 23, when fall classes begin.

SAU Tech has provided me with such a rewarding and meaningful career. The College has been a part of my life for almost thirty-nine years. I have seen so many changes throughout the years and witnessed employees come and go. However, one thing has never changed: the commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff to provide quality education and learning opportunities for our community. This interim opportunity will be the grand finale of my career as I enter retirement life in January 2024."

Dr. Berry stated, "We are so pleased that Gaye has agreed to serve as the interim Chancellor until December 2023. Her depth of knowledge concerning all things SAU Tech, integrity, and professionalism make Gaye the perfect person to serve in this role and guide the campus through this transition time. I personally appreciate her so very much!"

Manning is known for her dedication to the College's financial stability, love of gardening, and keeping the campus grounds beautiful for students, employees, and visitors. She and her husband, Gerald Manning, have had long-time careers at SAU Tech and are members of the Camden community.

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