Local Youth Receives Scholarship


Kristian McIntosh recieves a scholarship from Chancellor, Dr. Jason Morrison.

SAU Tech Chancellor, Dr. Jason Morrison, recently gave a Camden youth a gift he’ll never forget.
Camden Fairview fourth grader Kristian Mcintosh, received a special scholarship from the Morrison family and the SAU Tech foundation. This scholarship was given to Kristian, after his heartfelt performance, touched the Morrison family at our Tech Idol talent show, earlier this year.
Dr. Morrison said “Stephanie and I were moved by Kristian’s performance….we want to show that talent needs to be recognized and talent needs to be invested in.” As you can imagine Kristian’s parents were excited and proud of their son, and thankful to SAU Tech and the Morrison family. Kristian’s mother, Tash Mcintosh said “We are so amazed and grateful for someone seeing what we see in our own child.” Chancellor Morrison believes the future is bright for us at SAU Tech, and hopes to attract more youth with courage, talent and ability like Kristian.

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