Cabun Clinic to Offer Health Services to Students

cabun clinic signs mou with sau tech


Dr. Daniel Whitelock, Dr. Joe Sarniki, and Cabun Clinic, CEO, Melanie Shepard, were all present on Tuesday, September 18 to officially agree to a memorandum of understanding with SAU Tech regarding the provision of health care services to the College's students. Cabun Clinic, located in Hampton, Arkansas, will provide medical services to students at a charge of $30 per visit. They will provide the following services to SAU Tech as lined out in the MOU:

  1. To serve in the capacity of the healthcare provider for "SAU Tech".
  2. To be available for consultations with "SAU Tech" staff as needed.
  3. To be accessible by phone to discuss patients as needed.
  4. To consult with corporate officers as needed.
  5. To maintain all necessary licenses according to State and Federal laws.
  6. To participate in medical peer and utilization review as requested.
  7. To maintain medical records for all patients.
  8. To review the program as needed and make the necessary changes which are agreeable and beneficial together/both parties to ensure the sustainability of operations.
  9. To provide on-campus physicals for SAU Tech Athletic Teams at a mutually agreed upon date and time as the rate shown on the attached "Reimbursement Schedule".
  10. To provide an on-campus Flu Clinic (when requested by SAU Tech) at a mutually agreed upon date and time. Flu vaccines will be charged at the standard rate of $20.00 for uninsured, or insurance will be billed with no out-of-pocket expense
  11. To provide staff to promote this partnership to Students at SAU Tech Student Orientation.
  12. To give written sixty (60) day notice of termination unless termination is agreed upon by both parties.

The agreement is the first ever of its kind for the College marking the need for SAU Tech's housing students to have these types of services more readily available as its housing population has grown from around 100 to 180 this fall. Dr. Whitelock with the Cabun Clinic will also serve as the Rocket Basketball Team Physician. He had this to say about the partnership, " I think it’s definitely a positive agreement because this is a patient population that often doesn’t think to seek medical care and when we have something like this, a good strong foundation and partnership, which we do have,  I think it will be beneficial for both of Cabun Clinic and SAU Tech students. Students will be able to have access to a full service clinic and be able to get the necessary care,
especially preventive care, which tends to be neglected in this population, so I think it’s a positive thing.” 

CABUN’s leaders made the decision to become a community health center in 1978 so that we could serve as a “safety net” for rural communities to ensure that no one who needs healthcare is denied access. Cabun Clinic believes that healthy communities are the essence of American life. The direction CABUN has taken in the last few years is a visible expression of the unswerving commitment they have to the Arkansas communities they serve. The Clinic's partnerships with local businesses and concerned citizen groups, as well as our participation in community development activities, speak to their ongoing commitment to provide affordable health for all in Arkansas.