Arkansas Futures Scholarship

What the Arkansas Futures Grant means for SAU Tech Students

The Arkansas Futures Grant was signed into law today by Governor Asa Hutchinson represents a move forward for students looking to obtain degrees in high-demand technical areas such as nursing and welding. For many SAU Tech students, the cost of attendance and whether or not they are eligible for federal pell grants and state lottery scholarships results in the students having to take out student loans to pay for school. This is especially true for the student whose family income is too high for Pell grants but too low for the family to pay for college costs outright and the student does not have an ACT score that qualifies them for scholarships.

Students can apply for the program through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s YOUniversal application found at The program will take some time to be implemented but it is slated to be ready for fall 2017 and is considered a shot in the arm for low enrollment two-year colleges who have struggled to regain enrollments after the down surge of students who attended in the 2008 recession era. The program is modeled after programs offered in other states that have provided relief to students who need an education but lack the financial resources to attend college. For more information call SAU Tech’s Financial Aid Office at 870-574-4511.

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