SAU Tech Advisors are available to help you choose the classes you will need to take each term to complete your degree. We can also help you choose the electives that may be needed if you transfer to a four-year university after SAU Tech. Schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor during the Early Registration or Registration periods throughout the year. You can also meet with your advisor any time you have questions about your degree plan.

For new students, advising is available during Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) which takes place in the summer before regular fall/spring registration begins. New students should contact an advisor for summer registration.

Online students can contact an advisor by email or phone for assistance. The Advising Center is located in the basement level of the Administration Building.

Who is my advisor?


Jenny Sanders, M Ed, LPC

Aviation Maintenance
Law Enforcement
Wildlife and Fisheries
All Rocket Athletes

young white female

General Education
Business Administration
LPN & RN Nursing
Public Health
Non-Degree Seeking
Criminal Justice
Religious Studies
Sports Science

white female

Automated & Robotic Engineering
Computer Information Technology
Environmental Management
Electrical Technology
Fire Science Management
Forestry Harvesting Technician
Fire & Emergency Response
Multimedia Technology
Mechanical Maintenance
Medical Office Administration
Non-Destructive Testing
Office Management
Paraprofessional Education
Teacher Education
Welding Academy
Welding Process Specialist