It has been estimated that welding engineering impacts more than 50 percent of the products manufactured in the United States. Almost every segment of our economy depends, to some degree, on welding and materials joining. Southern Arkansas University Tech offers a certificate in welding, the Welding Academy and a unique transfer degree with SAU for Welding Process Specialist. If you are just a beginner welding classes at SAU Tech’s main campus may be what you are looking for to build your skills. More advanced welding students can apply to attend the SAU Tech Welding Academy which is located in Magnolia, Arkansas. Graduates of the Welding Academy have the option to go directly to work or transfer to SAU to complete a four-year degree in Welding Engineering Technology.

SAU Tech’s Welding Academy is a finishing school for students who already have basic welding skills. The Academy was created to meet the need for a professional welding school in Arkansas. The program requires a skills demonstration and information in addition to the normal admission requirements. This program is a nine-month program with intensive lab-based learning. Students attend every day either in the day program or evening program. SAU and SAU Tech have housing options available for students who need housing.

Students must take a welding test to be admitted to the Welding Academy. Call 870.234.7234 or 870.390.0740 for more information.

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2018 Welding Test Dates:

January 13
February 10
March 10
April 14

Register to take the welding test here.

If you are under 18 years of age, the form below (Release Form) must be completed and printed and signed by you and your parent or guardian and mailed to:

Welding Academy Release Form
SAU Tech Welding Academy
PO Box 3499
Camden, Arkansas 71711
or emailed to

Paula Evans
SAU Tech Welding Academy Recruiter

Paula Evans

Our Students Say…

Savannah Sisson
I learned a lot from the welding program. The welding program is what got me started in my Career. I work with Turner Industrial Group. We Travel all over doing Shutdowns. Tube Welders make $34 an hour. The Welding Program is a great program to take if you are serious about making welding your career. Welding is a great trade to learn you make good money, get to see the world if you like to travel. You also get to meet a lot of people. Savannah Sisson
D'Shanti Willis
“I graduated from Magnolia High School in 2011. I attended the Academy in fall 2011 and took my first job in 2012 as a combination welder making $29 an hour and $100 a day for living expenses. After 8 to 9 months of hands-on training and knowledge from one of the top welding programs and instructors in the country, I knew I would be okay in my first job. As I gained more experience as a welder, I began making $45 hour and $115 a day for living expenses. Now I am a certified welding inspector. Training with the SAU Tech Welding Academy is a great benefit and will provide great opportunities for anyone who chooses to attend.”

D'Shanti Willis