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SAU Tech Adds New Services

SAU Tech Adds New Services for Fall 2019

SAU Tech is set to kick-off the fall semester with several new services and program enhancements. As the College completes the implementation of a new employment software system this week, it is also filling positions for additional faculty members and staff to prepare for the fall semester. The new system will streamline the application and hiring process for both the applicant and the human resource office.

Software is also playing a part in the new student and staff ID cards that will be issued this fall. Students will be able to use the cards to pay for their meals in the Tech Diner if they have purchased a meal plan. Meal plans are a new addition to the services offered for students this fall.

Softball is another new offering that will start this fall. The College’s softball coaches are Amy and Philip Diehl,  Amy is also a faculty member at SAU Tech. The team roster is close to being completed for the start of the NJCAA softball season.

A new degree program will also start this fall under the Industrial Technologies Division. Non-Destructive Testing, a program requested by the College’s industry partners, will be offered using digital x-ray technology. A Public Health transfer option has also been added to SAU Tech’s healthcare offerings, and an RN Transition program will be provided in summer 2020, once the Arkansas State Board fully approves the new program.

It looks like the fall will be very busy, and the staff and faculty are looking forward to walk-in registration August 12-15 and late registration with a late fee on August 19 & 20.  Students move into housing on Sunday, August 18, and freshman will attend Rocket Launch, a two-day orientation before classes start. The new orientation is an effort to ensure that students are equipped with everything they need to start classes on August 21.

For more information on SAU Tech’s programs, call 870-574-4558.

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