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SAU Tech Honors Alumnus

SAU Tech Alumnus Now Company President

Each year, SAU Tech recognizes outstanding employees, students, and alumni as part of the Arkansas Community College (ACC) organization.
The Outstanding Alumnus for 2019-20 is Greg Cockmon, President of Cromwell Architects.

Greg, a graduate of Parkview High School in Little Rock, graduated from SAU Tech in 1984 with a degree in Architectural Engineering Technology. After attending SAU Tech, Greg transferred to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville when he continued his studies in architecture. He worked as an intern at Cromwell while in college and today is President of the company. Greg said that "SAU Tech was a career builder for me. I would not have survived going to a large university after I graduated high school and would certainly not have had a career in architecture. I firmly believe that."

Greg and his wife will attend the ACC state conference in October where he will be recognized with other alumni from the state's two-year colleges.
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