Teacher Education

Southern Arkansas University Tech's Teacher Education program has been providing the first two years of a public school teacher degree for over 15 years. This sequence of courses is designed to allow students ease of transfer into a teacher education baccalaureate degree program for K-6 Elementary Education, Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies, Middle School Math/Science or K-12 Special Education offered at Southern Arkansas University (SAU) or Henderson State University (HSU). Completion of this degree will also meet the educational requirements for paraprofessional positions at many Arkansas public schools. Ready to become a teacher? This program is provided in an online format at well!

black man teaching class
"The best part of the program is the relationships built over the years of study. I currently work with four of my classmates from TECH. We started together as a group of strangers, and we now work and play together as friends."
Vincent Mills, Arkansas Certified Teacher