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Betty J. Lewis Unsung Hero, Buckshot Smith

Betty J. Lewis Unsung Hero-Buckshot Smith

L.C. "Buckshot" Smith is pictured with Representative, David Fielding, and House Speaker, Matthew Shepherd.

The SAU Tech Black History Celebration Committee is excited to announce L. C. "Buckshot" Smith as the August 2021 Betty J. Lewis Unsung Hero.

Each year the Black History Celebration Committee, comprised of college staff and community members, hosts an annual fundraiser to raise money for the Betty J. Lewis Minority Scholarship Fund. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 Black History Celebration was canceled. In lieu of this event, the Black History Celebration Committee made the decision to name a Betty J. Lewis Unsung Hero for each month leading up to the 2022 event.

L.C. “Buckshot” Smith started his career in 1963 as a Reserve Officer for the Camden Police Department. During this time Mr. Smith did not receive a wage. He did the job for free because he loved the work so much. He then started his career as a Deputy for the Ouachita County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Smith had several different job roles while at the Sheriff’s Department before his retirement in 2010. After being retired for only a few months, Mr. Smith joined the Camden Police Department where he still works today. Mr. Smith turned 92 in May.

Below is a link to a feature article about Buckshot featured in Newsweek.