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Hello, my name is Jeremy Rowe. I am the Water Program Coordinator for the AETA and am pleased to offer the following Water Training Schedule for 2022. For the first half of the year, due to COVID-19 and the uncertain availability of training facilities, Mandatory Courses for Water Operator Licensing will be held predominately on our campus in Camden and offered through Zoom, as well as in-person. Hoping for the best, we will resume statewide training, July through December.

Many operators have taken advantage of our live Zoom classes with positive responses. We will also continue to offer all Mandatory Courses, quarterly, through our self-paced online classes. Both Zoom and Internet courses may be taken from anywhere one has an internet connection. I look forward to seeing you out in the state (hopefully) and in class.

Jeremy Rowe, Water Program Coordinator/Instructor


Water training provided by the Arkansas Environmental Training Academy is accredited by:

  • The Arkansas Department of Health
  • Arkansas Drinking Water Licensing Committee

The Academy offers Water training on-campus, at locations statewide, Zoom, and by Internet delivery.

To schedule training at your facility, contact Jeremy Rowe at jrowe@sautech.edu or call (870) 574-4550.


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor
06/07/202206/07/2022Water & Wastewater Operator SafetyCamdenSmithRegister
06/08/202206/08/2022Trenching SafetyCamdenSmithRegister
06/13/202206/15/2022Advanced Water DistributionCamdenSandyRegister
06/21/202206/21/2022Basic Water MathCamdenRoweRegister
06/22/202206/22/2022Applied Water MathCamdenRoweRegister
06/23/202206/23/2022PWS ComplianceCamdenADHRegister
06/28/202206/30/2022Advanced Water TreatmentCamdenRoweRegister
07/19/202207/21/2022Basic Water TreatmentLittle RockRoweRegister
07/26/202207/28/2022Intermediate Water DistributionCentertonSandyRegister
08/16/202208/18/2022Basic Water DistributionCamdenRoweRegister
08/23/202208/23/2022Basic Pump Operations & MaintenanceLowellSmithRegister
08/24/202208/24/2022Advanced Pump Operations & MaintenanceLowellSmithRegister
08/25/202208/25/2022Chlorine SafetyLowellStaffRegister
09/01/202209/01/2022PWS ComplianceFayettevilleADHRegister
09/13/202209/15/2022Advanced Water DistributionSpringdaleMallardRegister
09/20/202209/22/2022Advanced Water TreatmentGreers FerryRoweRegister
09/27/202209/27/2022Basic Water MathLittle RockRoweRegister
09/28/202209/28/2022Applied Water MathLittle RockRoweRegister
09/29/202209/29/2022PWS ComplianceLittle RockADHRegister
10/11/202210/13/2022Basic Water TreatmentLowellRoweRegister
10/18/202210/18/2022Basic Water MathJonesboroRoweRegister
10/19/202210/19/2022Applied Water MathJonesboroRoweRegister
10/20/202210/20/2022PWS ComplianceJonesboroADHRegister
10/26/202210/26/2022PWS ComplianceCamdenADHRegister
11/01/202211/03/2022Basic Water DistributionLittle RockRoweRegister
11/07/202211/09/2022Intermediate Water DistributionNorth Little RockRoweRegister
11/15/202211/17/2022Intermediate Water TreatmentLowellRoweRegister
11/29/202212/01/2022Advanced Water TreatmentLittle RockRoweRegister
12/06/202212/08/2022Advanced Water DistributionCamdenSandyRegister
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor
06/07/202206/07/2022Water & Wastewater Operator SafetyZoomSmithRegister
06/08/202206/08/2022Trenching SafetyZoomSmithRegister
06/13/202206/15/2022Advanced Water DistributionZoomSandyRegister
06/21/202206/21/2022Basic Water MathZoomRoweRegister
06/22/202206/22/2022Applied Water MathZoomRoweRegister
06/23/202206/23/2022PWS ComplianceZoomADHRegister
06/28/202206/30/2022Advanced Water TreatmentZoomRoweRegister
08/16/202208/18/2022Basic Water DistributionZoomRoweRegister
10/26/202210/26/2022PWS ComplianceZoomADHRegister
12/06/202212/08/2022Advanced Water DistributionZoomSandyRegister
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor


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 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees
06/06/202206/26/2022Intermediate Water DistributionInternetRowe$125Register
06/06/202206/26/2022Intermediate Water TreatmentInternetRowe$125Register
07/05/202207/31/2022Advanced Water DistributionInternetRowe$125Register
07/05/202207/31/2022Advanced Water TreatmentInternetRowe$125Register
08/01/202208/14/2022Basic Water MathInternetRowe$90Register
08/15/202208/28/2022Applied Water MathInternetRowe$90Register
09/05/202209/25/2022Basic Water DistributionInternetRowe$125Register
09/05/202209/25/2022Basic Water TreatmentInternetRowe$125Register
10/03/202210/30/2022Intermediate Water DistributionInternetRowe$125Register
10/03/202210/30/2022Intermediate Water TreatmentInternetRowe$125Register
11/07/202211/27/2022Advanced Water DistributionInternetRowe$125Register
11/07/202211/27/2022Advanced Water TreatmentInternetRowe$125Register
11/28/202212/11/2022Applied Water MathInternetRowe$90Register
11/28/202212/11/2022Basic Water MathInternetRowe$90Register
 Start Date End Date Course Name Location Instructor Fees


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  • To take a Water Licensure Exam you must register with the ADH 45 days in advance of the exam session and pay the applicable fees.
  • The AETA does Not collect ADH exam fees.

Arkansas Department of Health Water Licensing Contacts:

Martin Nutt        Phone: (501) 661-2623           E-Mail: Martin.Nutt@arkansas.gov

Ida Hampton     Phone: (501) 661-2623           E-Mail: Ida.Hampton@arkansas.gov