Graphic Design

Southern Arkansas University Tech's Graphic Design program teaches students the skills needed to create graphics, illustrations, take and edit photographs and how to layout publications. The program uses the Adobe Creative Suite software products and students learn to the skills needed to work as a freelance designer or go to work for an advertising agency. During the program, students work with actual clients and learn the basics of client relations. This is a great career field for people who are creative or who are looking to expand their artistic abilities.

Our Students Say...

young black male with blue jacket and glasses
"I chose the multimedia program because I love creative arts. When I first enrolled into classes I knew little to none about graphics, photography, and etc. But as time went on all of that changed! It wasn't long before I knowledge and resources to create, design, and publish!"Brandon Farris
white girl with blonde hair
"My Experience at SAU Tech has had a major impact on me and my life. Not only did it help me evolve my graphics skills, clientele interaction and knowledge of programs, it also led me to my future husband! I work as a Graphic Designer at Rich Mountain Community College but also do some event coordinating with the Ouachita Center on campus. I do all of the college's posters, work on video promos, invitations for events, put information on social media and out to the community. I am also on the catalog committee so I am revamping the old catalog to have a more modern look to it using InDesign. Basically, if someone here needs something done that requires computer graphics, then they call me up." Jennifer Millsaps