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Southern Arkansas University Tech's Graphic Design program teaches students the skills to create graphics, and illustrations, take and edit photographs, and layout publications. The program uses the Adobe Creative Suite software products, and students learn the skills needed to work as freelance designers or go to work for an advertising agency. During the program, students work with actual clients and learn the basics of client relations. This is a great career field for creative people looking to expand their artistic abilities while making a career.

Streaming Courses for Spring 2023

Streaming courses differ from online courses in the delivery and possibilities for interaction between students and instructors. The courses below are streamed live from a classroom setting allowing the students and instructors to interact. The courses are also recorded and available for access by students later if they are unavailable to attend during the scheduled class times. Below are the courses scheduled for streaming delivery for spring 2023. Talk to an advisor today to get enrolled! ADVISOR

  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Image Making
  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design II
  • Typography
  • Marketing & Advertising

Online Courses Available

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  • Graphic Design 1: This course provides basic instruction in digital photography. Through completing project-based assignments, students will learn to light shots, choose the right camera settings, and use a camera.
  • Digital Photography 1: This class studies the principles and elements of basic design. Students will learn to communicate visually using foundational structures of design.

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