Ways to Give

The Southern Arkansas University Tech Foundation wants you to have the opportunity to support students and programs at the College. You can make a donation to one of our existing funds or scholarships or you can create a fund or endowment of your own choosing. Below is a list of ways that you can donate to support SAU Tech’s mission. We will soon have a way for you to make your donations online. For now, please complete the attached form and mail it in with your donation.

  • Connector.

    Tech Scholars Program

    Support a student who has chosen to work hard academically.

  • Connector.

    SAU Tech Choir

    Support our student & community choir program.

Endowments & Planned Gifts: Endowments and planned gifts are separate concepts that work hand-in-hand for donors and nonprofit organizations.

• Planned gifts are contributions made as a result of a process to choose the most appropriate gift for the most important purpose in the most advantageous time frame for the donor, the charity, and the donor’s heirs. Gift planning, as this process is often called, is the preparation and design of charitable gifts to maximize benefits for both the donor and the organization.

• An endowment is what you do with the gift, rather than the planning for the gift or the gift itself. A true endowment gift is permanently invested, not spent for current operations or capital projects. An endowment supports initiatives not for just one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity, with a portion of the endowment’s value used annually as the donor specifies or as the board chooses.

• Contributions to endowments—both those that create new funds and those that add to existing funds—are often attractive to planned gift donors because they appeal to the donor’s core values and they provide numerous benefits to the donors as well as to the institution.


  • Chancellor’s Circle Member 
  • Giving Club 
  • Capital Campaign (Coming Soon!)
  • Athletic Program Support
  • Nursing Program Support
  • Technical Program Support
  • General Support – Funds are unrestricted and support SAU Tech students.