Welcome to SAU Tech’s Learning Center! We are here to tutor YOU! Please feel free to come by Room 260 in the Administration Building, and talk with us about your needs! Check out the schedule on the left and email our tutors any questions about specific subject areas! We are looking forward to helping you be a successful student!

How Are We Doing?
Please take a moment and visit our Tutoring Evaluation Form and let us know how we are doing.


Q: How much does tutoring cost?
A: Tutoring is a free service to any currently enrolled SAU Tech student.

Q: How do I sign up for a tutor?
A: Tutoring is done on a drop-in and appointment basis depending upon the subject. We have our tutors scheduled at particular times but we can also set up appointments with students that may need more one on one tutoring or that may need tutoring outside from the scheduled tutoring times.

Q: Do I need to prepare for a tutoring session?
A: Yes! You will get the most out of a tutoring session if you come prepared with either a list of questions or topics that you may want to discuss with the tutor.

Q: What if there is no tutor for the class I need help with?
A: Please inform the Coordinator of the TLC and the instructors will be notified.

Q: Where is the tutoring center located?
A: The TLC is located in the room 260 of the Administration Building.

Q: What subjects/courses is tutoring being provided for?
A: We provide tutoring for all of the reading, writing, and math courses. We also provide students with helpful study tips and time management skills that can help them with their other courses as well.