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Finanical Aid | Scholarships & Resources

State of Arkansas Scholarships

The State of Arkansas offers a wide variety of scholarships and grants. State aid can be applied for through the YOUniversal application at ADHE.

Academic Challenge (lottery)
Release of Information Form

SAU Tech Institutional & Foundation Scholarships

SAU Tech and the SAU Tech Foundation offer numerous scholarships and other aid. See the links below for information and applications.

SAU Tech ACWHE Scholarship Application
SAU Tech Fire Service Scholarship Application
SAU Tech Institutional Scholarship Application
SAU Tech Foundation Scholarship Application
SAU Tech Law Enforcement Scholarship Application

Other Scholarships

AASFAA Scholarship
ArkADE Student Scholarship
Aviation Scholarships
Camden Business and Professional Women Scholarship Application

For Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant), visit the Financial Aid page.