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online courses offered

AH1143     Medical Terminology
AM1023     Fundamentals of Math, Physics, and Drawing
BSCI1001 The Biological Sciences/Lab
BSCI1013 The Biological Sciences
BIOL2003 Nutrition and Diet
BIOL2061 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIOL2063 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL2071 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
BIOL2073 Anatomy & Physiology II

ACCT2003  Principles of Accounting I
ACCT2103   Principles of Accounting II
BA1031        Certified Administration of Suggestion Systems
BA2023       Introduction to Management
BA2223        Business Communications
GBUS2003   Legal Environment of Business
GBUS2013    Quantitative Analysis

CHEM1064 General Chemistry for Nursing
CO0147 Introduction to Language Arts
CO2213 Technical Writing
CO0243 Writing Workshop
ENGL1113 Composition I
ENGL1123 Composition II
ENGL2213 World Literature I
ENGL2223 World Literature II
SPCH1113 Principles of Speech
MIS1003  Introduction to Computers
MIS2053  Business Information Systems
CS2043    Business Graphics
CS2114    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
CS2223     Electronic Spreadsheets
CS2264     Enterprise Support Technician
ECON1003  American Enterprise System
ECON2103  Principles of Microeconomics
ECON2203  Principles of Macroeconomics
ES1003  Wastewater I
ES1013  Environmental Safety
ES1553  Environmental Management I
ES2003  Wastewater II
ES2103  Water Treatment Technology I
ES2113  Water Treatment Technology II
ES2123  Environmental Management II
ES2203  Solid Waste Management
ES2303  Industrial Treatment Technology
ES2551  Environmental Assessment
FS1033   Fire Prevention
FS1023   Fire Service Tactics (Strategy & Tactics)
FS2043   Fire Administration I
FS2153   Fire Arson Investigation (Fire Investigator I)
FS2163   Legal Aspects of Fire Service
GS1021        Portfolio Development
GSTD1002  Freshman Seminar
HS1403 Personal & Community Health
HS2413 First Aid & CPR for Education
PE1081 Fitness for Life
ART2013 Art Appreciation
AT1052 Fundamentals of Public School Art
MU1202 Fundamentals of Public School Music
MUS2013 Music Appreciation
PHIL2403 Introduction to Philosophy
MD2523 Auto Manufacturing CNC
MATH0133 Transitional Math I
MATH0233 Transitional Math II
MATH0333 Transitional Math III
MATH1003 Technical Math I
MATH1023 College Algebra
MATH1053 Technical Math II
MATH2053 Math for Teachers I
MATH2063 Math for Teachers II
MM1153 Web Design & Development
OS1013 Essentials of A & P
OS1113 Records & Database Management
OS1123 Keyboarding
OS1133 Skill Building
OS1143 Speedbuilding
OS2003 Medical Transcription I
OS2013 Medical Transcription II
OS2023 Basic Pharmacology
OS2233 Office Procedures
OS2283 Microsoft Word
PHSC2021 The Physical Sciences Lab
PHSC2023 The Physical Sciences
GEOG2003 Introduction to Geography
HIST1003 World History I
HIST1013 World History II
HIST2013 U.S. History I
HIST2023 U.S. History II
HIST2083 History of Arkansas
PSCI2003 American Government: National
PSYC2003 General Psychology
PSYC2103 Developmental Psychology
SOC2003 Introduction to Sociology
SOC2013 Social Problems
SWK2053 Community Service Learning Experience
ED2123 Organization & Management for Vocational Education
ED2133 Program-Curriculum Design for Vocational Education
ED2143 Development & Methods of Teaching Vocational Education
ED2343 Diverse Populations
EDUC2001 Int Field Exp Lev I
EDUC2003 Introduction to Education & Field Experience
EDUC2023 K-12 Educational Technology
IEC2003 Child Growth and Development

Non-Credit Courses

NCIO0012 Learning Strategies
NEAA0012 Basic Wastewater Math
NEAB0012 Treatment Poultry Wastewater
NEAC0012 Advanced Activated Sludge
NEAD0012 Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
NEAE0012 Aerated Lagoons
NEAF0012 Stabilization Ponds
NEAH0020 Solid Waste Apprentice
NEAI0024 Basic Water Distribution
NEAJ0024 Backflow Assembly Tester
NEAK0012 Overview Industrial Treatment
NEAL0012 Safety at Wastewater Plants
NEAM0024 Class I Wastewater
NEAN0032 Class II Wastewater Certification
NEAO0032 Overview Advanced Wastewater Certification
NEAP0012 Industrial Wastewater Certification
NEAQ0020 Journeyman’s Solid Waste Certification
NEAR0024 Basic Water Treatment
NEAS0030 Master Level C Solid Waste Certification
NEAT0008 Backflow Tester Recertification
NEAU0024 Intermediate Water Distribution
NEAV0008 Basic Water Math
NEAW0040 Class III Wastewater Certification
NEAX0012 Metal Plating/Finishing
NEAY0008 Applied Water Math
NEAZ0012 Treatment P&P Waste
NEBA0024 Advanced Water Distribution
NEBB0024 Intermediate Water Treatment
NEBK0024 Advanced Water Treatment
NEBO0024 Basic Review of Wastewater Treatment
NEBQ0012 Environmental Overview 21st Century