SAU Tech offers institutional scholarships and the SAU Tech Foundation offers scholarships. Below are the the criteria required for each scholarship and a link to the application. Each scholarship has its own requirements, so review the information carefully and then complete the application and check all of the scholarships for which you meet the criteria.

SAU Tech Institutional Scholarship Information
SAU Tech Foundation Scholarship Information

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

SAU Tech Fire Service Scholarship Application
SAU Tech Law Enforcement Scholarship Application

State of Arkansas Scholarships

The State of Arkansas offers a wide variety of scholarships and grants. State aid can be applied for through the YOUniversal application at ADHE.

Academic Challenge (lottery)
AR Futures Scholarship – APPLY Before July 1, 2017 

SAU Tech’s approved AR Futures Programs are:
AAS- Computer Information Technology
AAS- Multimedia Technology
AAS- Aviation Maintenance Technology
TC- Engineering Technology
TC- Production Technician
TC- Simulation & Game Design
There are more Certificates available at SAU Tech that are covered by this grant program and we are working with ADHE to include even more.
ADHE AR Futures Approved Program Listings for SAU Tech


Other Scholarships

AASFAA Scholarship
ArkADE Student Scholarship
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship
Aviation Scholarships
Goedeker’s Book Scholarship
Goedeker’s Public Service Scholarship
Lighting55 Scholarship
Ralph G. Norman Scholarship