Welcome to Southern Arkansas University Tech’s Honors Program. The College provides this opportunity for you as a student or potential student to participate in a program that promotes peer-to-peer learning, learning outside of the traditional classroom, and freedom of expression during teacher to student and student to teacher interactions.

The Honors Program is designed for students to earn 12 hours of honors credit. Students can then transfer to Southern Arkansas University’s Honors College or Henderson State University’s Honors College to complete the remaining 12 hours of honors courses needed to graduate as an honors scholar. Students can also transfer their honors hours to other public four-year colleges in the state.

SAU Tech students will enjoy the opportunity to take trips together, work on service projects together and to participate in group learning activities. If you are interested, the requirements to participate are listed below.

Students interested in applying to the honors program must be planning to enroll in or currently enrolled in one of the following college programs:
Associate of Arts in General Studies
Associate of Arts in Teaching
Associate of Science in Business Administration
Associate of Science in Fire Science Management
Associate of Professional Studies (General)

and meet at least one of the following requirements.
A 22 composite ACT (or equivalent score on alternate college entrance exam) and a 3.25 GPA from high school.
A 23 ACT English, math, or science sub-score and a 3.25 GPA from high school.
Letters of recommendation from your high school principal, high school counselor, one high school teacher, and a 3.25 high school GPA.
Be a current student with 12 or more college hours with a GPA of 3.25.

You can fill out the online application form on this page and download the brochure. For questions, call 870.574.4558.